Collection: SONOS

In our online store we proudly present products from Sonos, a company that has revolutionized the way music is experienced at home since it was founded by John MacFarlane, Tom Cullen, Trung Mai and Craig Shelburne in 2002. With a vision based on ground-breaking technology, Sonos is on a mission to make music wirelessly accessible in every room of the home - with outstanding sound quality.

Sonos combines profound technological innovation with intuitive ease of use. Being founded in Santa Barbara, far from traditional technology hubs, hasn't stopped the brand from pioneering multi-room audio experiences. By introducing products like the first wireless music system that plays seamlessly and in sync in multiple rooms, Sonos has gained global recognition and established itself as a favorite brand for music lovers worldwide.

Sonos products are not only easy to use, but also aesthetically pleasing and integrate seamlessly into any home. From the original vision, backed by the knowledge and experience of the internet business, to overcoming technical challenges, Sonos has always paved the way for innovation in audio.

Immerse yourself in the world of Sonos and discover how our carefully selected Sonos products can enhance your musical experience.