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Sonos/Sonance In-Ceiling Speaker Pair

Sonos/Sonance In-Ceiling Speaker Pair

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Sonos In-Ceiling Speaker: Seamless audio design for your home

The Sonos In-Ceiling Speakers, developed in collaboration with Sonance, offer a premium solution for discreet and room-filling sound in your home. These speakers are perfectly tuned to deliver natural, clear sound that blends harmoniously into any environment.

First-class sound from every angle

With Sonos In-Ceiling Speakers, you can enjoy high-quality, natural sound that reaches every corner of your room. These speakers are specially designed to distribute music and speech evenly, so you can enjoy a consistent and pleasant listening experience in every area of ​​your home.

Discreet and elegant design

The unobtrusive design of the Sonos In-Ceiling Speakers ensures that they can be integrated almost invisibly into your ceiling, while still delivering premium audio performance. Their aesthetic integration into your interior makes them the perfect choice for style-conscious music lovers.

Easy installation and integration

The Sonos In-Ceiling Speakers are surprisingly easy to install and allow you to quickly create a seamless audio system in your home. They integrate effortlessly into your existing Sonos system (Sonos Amp required).

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