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Sonos Outdoor Set Speaker Set

Sonos Outdoor Set Speaker Set

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Sonos outdoor set

Experience the Sonos outdoor set consisting of Sonos Amp and two Sonos/Sonance outdoor speakers. A thrilling sound experience that draws you right into the action.

Weatherproof sound system with integrated amplifier for outdoor use

Experience high-quality and detailed sound in your outdoor area with our weatherproof sound system. Equipped with a robust amplifier (amp), this system guarantees year-round music enjoyment, regardless of weather conditions. The specially developed technology ensures clear highs, deep bass and comprehensive sound coverage that effortlessly fills even large outdoor areas with sound.

Optimal sound in any weather

Our weatherproof sound system is the ideal solution for music lovers who don't want to compromise on quality even when outdoors. The integrated amplifier is specially designed for use in extreme weather conditions and promises durability and consistent performance. The easy installation and user-friendly operation make it the perfect companion for garden parties, pool areas and other outdoor activities. Enjoy your favorite music with a sound system that has been specially developed for the challenges of the outdoor area.

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