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Sonos Sub (Gen. 3) Subwoofer

Sonos Sub (Gen. 3) Subwoofer

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Sonos Sub (Gen. 3): Feel the bass in your Sonos system

Experience a new dimension of listening with the third generation Sonos Sub. This powerful subwoofer is designed to add deep bass response to your Sonos system. Hear and feel the difference when the Sonos Sub is placed in the room of your choice.

Deep, dynamic bass

The Sonos Sub (Gen. 3) delivers bass you can feel, not just hear, that dramatically enhances every nuance of your music, movies, and games. Equipped with two opposing drivers that neutralize vibrations, the Sub delivers precise bass without distortion or rattle, even at the lowest frequencies.

Perfect addition to any Sonos system

Integrate the Sonos Sub seamlessly into your existing Sonos system. It complements any Sonos speaker and provides even richer and deeper sound quality. The setup process is simple and you can quickly connect and control the Sub with other components in your system using the Sonos app.

Stylish, versatile design

The Sonos Sub (Gen. 3) features a sleek, modern design that looks good in any room. Whether standing or lying down, the Sub adapts perfectly to your room design and always remains an eye-catcher.

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