Collection: BOWERS & WILKINS

Bowers & Wilkins redefines premium audio by leaving the originality of the music untouched and revealing the true sound of the performance, exactly as the artist intended. This philosophy is deeply rooted in the vision of John Bowers, the founder, who dreamed of creating the perfect speaker - one that faithfully reproduces the artist's intent and the authenticity of the performance in every nuance. This passion for acoustic perfection is at the heart of the company's DNA and drives the relentless pursuit of the best possible sound. For Bowers & Wilkins, 'good enough' is never an option.

The company is characterized by a detail-obsessed approach, designing, developing and manufacturing as many components as possible in-house to ensure that every product meets the highest standards of performance and quality. Bowers & Wilkins believes in bespoke solutions rather than mass production, convinced that only through this individual approach can true acoustic perfection be achieved.

John Bowers' principle that you can sell a product if you can make it better still guides the company today. Bowers & Wilkins stands for performance, technical excellence and pioneering spirit, with each product the result of a relentless pursuit of the absolute best sound.