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Bowers & Wilkins CCM7.5 S2 ceiling speaker piece

Bowers & Wilkins CCM7.5 S2 ceiling speaker piece

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Bowers & Wilkins CCM7.5 S2: High-performance 2-way in-ceiling loudspeaker

The Bowers & Wilkins CCM7.5 S2 is a compact in-ceiling speaker designed specifically for use in home theater systems. This speaker has the flexibility to be used as a left, center, right or rear channel and offers excellent sound quality thanks to its configuration with a 25mm Carbon Dome tweeter and a 180mm Continuum cone for mid/low frequencies.

Innovative technology for clear sound alignment

With its downward-firing and angled configuration to the mounting point, the CCM7.5 S2 allows for precise alignment of sound waves directly to the listener. This alignment ensures that dialogue is transmitted with crystal clarity and special effects are reproduced with high fidelity, which is essential for an immersive cinematic experience.

Easy installation and customizable design

Bowers & Wilkins' unique QuickDogs™ mounting method makes this speaker extremely easy to install. In addition, the CCM7.5 S2 offers the flexibility to replace the supplied round grille with an optional square grille, allowing further customization to suit room design and personal preferences.

Optimized acoustics for home theater applications

Thanks to its sophisticated acoustics, the CCM7.5 S2 delivers a balanced sound that puts listeners right in the middle of the action. The combination of high-quality drivers and the precise alignment of the speakers ensures an optimal sound experience that increases the quality of both dialogue and background and effect sounds.

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