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Bowers & Wilkins CCM632 ceiling speaker piece

Bowers & Wilkins CCM632 ceiling speaker piece

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Bowers & Wilkins CCM632: Compact ceiling speaker for optimal room adaptation

The Bowers & Wilkins CCM632 is an innovative ceiling speaker specifically designed for small installation holes, making it ideal for rooms where installation space is limited. Measuring less than 150mm (6 inches) in diameter, this speaker offers a discreet yet powerful audio solution.

High-quality full-range single driver for clear, balanced sound

Unlike traditional 2-way speakers, which often suffer from sound coloration due to the design, the CCM632 features a single 75 mm (3 inch) full-range driver. This driver delivers balanced, natural sound without the usual problems of smaller speakers, making it ideal for playing a wide range of audio content.

Innovative mounting with ZipDogs™ fastening system

Bowers & Wilkins has equipped the CCM632 with the new and innovative ZipDogs™ mounting system, which allows for quick and easy installation. This system is flexible and can handle almost any thickness of mounting plate, making setup much easier.

Integrated housing to minimize sound transmission

Each CCM632 loudspeaker is designed with an integrated enclosure that minimizes acoustic transmission into adjacent rooms. This design increases sound quality and prevents sound from penetrating ceilings or walls, which is particularly beneficial in apartment buildings or townhouses.

Flexible design options with round and square covers

The CCM632 is supplied in pairs and includes both round and square, magnetically attached and fully customizable grille/frame designs. This flexibility allows the speaker to be aesthetically pleasingly integrated into any room design, whether modern or traditional.

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