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Bowers & Wilkins CCM8.5D ceiling speaker piece

Bowers & Wilkins CCM8.5D ceiling speaker piece

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Bowers & Wilkins CCM8.5D: Advanced in-ceiling speaker

The Bowers & Wilkins CCM8.5D represents the pinnacle of in-ceiling speakers, combining outstanding sound quality with an unobtrusive appearance. This 2-way speaker features a decoupled diamond dome tweeter and a 7-inch bass/midrange driver made from Continuum material, making it one of the most advanced speakers in the Bowers & Wilkins range.

Innovative driver technology for superior sound performance

The CCM8.5D's diamond dome tweeter is known for its exceptional clarity and detail, while the Continuum woofer with anti-resonance plug ensures precise and controlled bass reproduction. Together, these components offer unmatched acoustic performance, reproducing both music and movie dialogue with impressive naturalness and depth.

Flexible alignment for optimized listening experience

A unique feature of the CCM8.5D is the rotating mini beam, which allows the user to adjust the driver units for optimal sound alignment. This flexibility allows precise "toe-in" adjustment to achieve the best performance according to the specific listening environment.

Discreet design for every interior design

For maximum discretion during installation, the Continuum cone is given a dark surface treatment that visually integrates the speaker into the ceiling. This subtle design makes the CCM8.5D an ideal choice for demanding interiors where aesthetics and sound quality are equally important.

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