Collection: SONORO

Sonoro stands for a master class in sound and design. Since its foundation in 2006, the company has pursued the vision of combining outstanding sound with sophisticated design. This approach has made sonoro a term that is synonymous with the fine art of audio design “Made in Germany”. From concept to production - every sonoro product undergoes a meticulous development process in the sound forge on the Lower Rhine, where German engineering meets timeless design.

At Soundreference, we are proud to offer sonoro products that delight both ears and eyes. sonoro's philosophy of developing music systems by music lovers for music lovers is reflected in every device. These devices are not only acoustically outstanding, but also visually stunning - a testament to the passion, method and care that goes into their development.

With numerous awards for its innovative technologies and iconic designs, sonoro is a shining example of how outstanding sound and aesthetic design can go hand in hand. The brand consciously sets a counterpoint to today's trend of background music and strives to offer an unparalleled sound experience with every product. Inspired by German design classics, sonoro offers a range of music systems that will be an eye-catcher in any room or blend harmoniously into the existing ambience.

With founder Marcell Faller's vision of creating an aesthetic symbiosis of sound and appearance, sonoro is constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible, enriching the world of music with products that not only want to be heard, but also seen. Immerse yourself with us in the world of sonoro and experience SOUND.DESIGNED in its most perfect form - here at Soundreference.