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Sonoro Orchestra (Gen. 2) speakers

Sonoro Orchestra (Gen. 2) speakers

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Exceptional sound experience

The Sonoro ORCHESTRA (Gen. 2) speakers offer an exceptional sound experience combined with a stunning design that will enhance any living room. This latest generation of Sonoro's renowned speakers sets new standards in audio performance and aesthetic elegance.

Exquisite audio quality

Equipped with state-of-the-art 2-way bass reflex speakers and an innovative Air Motion Transformer embedded in a wave guide, the ORCHESTRA (Gen. 2) speakers deliver a clear and precise sound. The carefully selected components and the high-quality screw connections guarantee excellent sound reproduction and lossless transmission.

Design that fascinates

Every detail of the ORCHESTRA (Gen. 2) speaks for Sonoro's commitment to quality and design. The hand-sanded wooden cabinet, refined with a high-quality matte finish, the rounded corners and the finely selected aluminum details are testament to first-class craftsmanship. The unique design without parallel walls on the sides optimizes the sound quality by minimizing standing waves and cabinet resonances.

Masterpiece of German engineering

Developed in Neuss, Germany, the ORCHESTRA (Gen. 2) series represents the fusion of the highest sound quality, uncomplicated operation and timeless design – a testament to German precision and innovation.

An acoustic and visual highlight

The ORCHESTRA (Gen. 2) fit seamlessly into any interior and offer an elegant design statement with their slim silhouettes. In combination with the MAESTRO HiFi receiver, a harmonious ensemble is created that promises the best sound experience for your living room without appearing overloaded.

Detailed, room-filling sound

Despite their compact design, the speakers effortlessly fill even larger rooms with their impressive sound. The specially developed Air Motion Transformer delivers detailed and crystal-clear reproduction in the high frequency range, while the woofer/midrange driver with its strong double magnet drive force ensures deep and powerful bass. The carefully tuned crossover enables precise sound reproduction across the entire spectrum.

Sonoro's ORCHESTRA (Gen. 2) speakers are more than just a hi-fi product; they are a holistic listening experience that combines technical excellence with aesthetic beauty. Experience music like never before, in a system that impresses both acoustically and visually.

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