Collection: MARANTZ

Marantz, a brand synonymous with “The Most Musical Sound”, was founded by the legend Saul Marantz, a true hi-fi pioneer who revolutionized the music industry. In the early 1950s, dissatisfied with the available music systems, Marantz created a new concept of sound reproduction and developed the “Audio Consolette” preamplifier. Since the founding of the Marantz Audio Company in New York in 1953, Marantz has established itself across geographical boundaries as a leading manufacturer whose products are recognized worldwide for their quality and innovative engineering. With a strong heritage dating back to Saul Marantz's passion for music and his visionary ideas, Marantz unites people everywhere through a shared enthusiasm for audio excellence. As a global company inspired by the diverse culture and vibrant life of New York, Marantz stands for modern musical luxury and promises authentic, unforgettable listening experiences. Discover the future of sound with Marantz and experience music closer and more realistically than ever before.