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Marantz Cinema 40 AV Receiver

Marantz Cinema 40 AV Receiver

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Marantz Cinema 40: Top class in home cinema audio

The Marantz Cinema 40 AV amplifier represents the pinnacle of the reference class and completely redefines the home cinema experience with its 9.4 channels, each offering 125 watts of power, and support for Dolby Atmos, DTS:X and Auro-3D. The integration of 8K Ultra HD and streaming options via HEOS® Built-in makes it an absolute premium device for demanding home cinema enthusiasts.

Timeless design meets modern elegance

The legendary Marantz porthole display, surrounded by high-quality materials and subtle side lighting of the control panel, gives the Cinema 40 a timeless elegance. This design combines classic Marantz design principles with modern aesthetics and makes the amplifier a visual highlight in any room.

Incomparable sound quality

Marantz is known for its warm, rich and room-filling sound with exceptional detail and dynamics - a tradition that the Cinema 40 continues with flying colors. Experience a sound experience that you can not only hear, but also feel, with a liveliness that draws you right into the action.

Perfected by experts

The Marantz Sound Master has meticulously tuned the Cinema 40 for amazing performance. Each component has been carefully selected to produce the most musical sound in your home theater. This commitment to quality and musical perfection ensures that every tone, note and detail is reproduced exactly as the artist intended.

The Marantz Cinema 40 sets new standards for what can be expected from a premium AV amplifier. With its outstanding performance, timeless design and unrivalled sound quality, it is the ideal choice for those who want to get the most out of their film and music collection. Experience your home cinema on a whole new level with the Marantz Cinema 40.

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