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Marantz Model 50 Amplifier

Marantz Model 50 Amplifier

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Marantz Model 50: The perfect combination of performance and elegance

The Marantz Model 50 is the ideal integrated amplifier for your audio system. With its HDAM-SA3 circuit and Marantz's specially developed current feedback technology, the Model 50 delivers an impressive 70 watts per channel and supplies every speaker with impressive sovereignty.

Modern innovation meets timeless design

The Model 50 is a modern amplifier with timeless elegance. Aesthetic features such as symmetry, warmth and a pleasant feel characterize its design and set new standards in audio device design, while always preserving the heritage of the legendary Marantz classics.

Incredible performance and attention to detail

With its precisely engineered Class A/B amplifier, the Model 50 drives your speakers with impressive authority, revealing never-before-heard details in your music. Every note is reproduced with unmatched clarity and precision to give you an unparalleled audio experience.

Reveals the subtleties of your records

The Model 50's built-in MM phono stage has been carefully tuned to reveal the previously hidden details of your records. Immerse yourself in the world of analog sound and enjoy your vinyl collection like never before.

Grown with your ambitions

The Model 50 grows with your ambitions, offering a stereo preamp output with discrete HDAM technology and external amplification, so you can expand your audio system and get even more out of your music.

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