Collection: BLUESOUND

In our online store, we offer you the innovative Bluesound system, a pioneering solution for wireless streaming of music throughout your home. Bluesound sets itself apart by using BluOS™ technology, which allows you to stream high-resolution music data up to 24-bit / 192 kHz uncompressed over your local network. Music playback is conveniently controlled via the BluOS™ app, available for smartphones, tablets and Windows or Mac computers.

Bluesound not only impresses with its ability to play MP3 data, but also excels in the playback of high-resolution digital audio formats up to MQA Studio Master quality. With the option of integrating up to 64 zones, Bluesound offers a flexible multi-room solution that allows you to control music synchronously or in different zones with individual programs and volumes.

Whether you're listening to internet radio, downloading high-resolution tracks or accessing a local music library, Bluesound provides instant access to millions of songs. It's like having the entire history of music at your fingertips. Led by a team of designers, engineers and music industry veterans, Bluesound's goal is to deliver the perfect wireless hi-fi experience.

Bluesound is more than just a technology - it's a vision of music enjoyment as it should be: high-resolution, wireless and user-friendly. Visit our online store and experience how Bluesound can revolutionize your listening experience at home.