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Bluesound PULSE SUB

Bluesound PULSE SUB

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Bluesound PULSE SUB+: The Advanced Compact Active Subwoofer

The Bluesound PULSE SUB+ sets new standards for active subwoofers in its class. While the external design remains similar to its predecessor, the technical features bring significant improvements. The subwoofer can now be fully integrated into the home network and functions as a standalone player, allowing seamless integration into your multi-room audio system.

Powerful bass reproduction

With a significantly larger woofer of 200 mm diameter and an impressive impulse output of 200 watts, the PULSE SUB+ delivers powerful and dynamic bass sounds. The polypropylene membrane of the chassis and the high-performance amplifier are perfectly matched by an integrated digital sound processor. This ensures powerful bass reproduction that effectively fills small to medium-sized living spaces with low frequencies.

Wireless flexibility and easy control

The PULSE SUB+ is centrally controlled via the BluOS™ app, which can be installed on a smartphone, tablet, PC or Mac. This flexible control solution allows the subwoofer to be configured without the need for audio cables - only the power cable is required. However, for traditional setups, the SUB+ also offers an RCA input as an alternative connection option.

Versatile placement options

Despite its powerful features, the PULSE SUB+ maintains a compact, 15 cm deep body that offers a wide range of placement options. It can be mounted on the wall, hidden behind a curtain or placed under a sofa without affecting its performance. A wall bracket is included, further simplifying installation and providing additional flexibility in room design.

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