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Bluesound PULSE M

Bluesound PULSE M

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Bluesound Pulse M: High-Fidelity Sound in a Compact, Innovative Design

The Bluesound Pulse M redefines what is possible with a compact speaker system. Thanks to a patent-pending speaker concept that combines innovative electronics with advanced acoustics, the Pulse M delivers room-filling, high-fidelity stereo sound that pushes the boundaries of conventional compact speakers. The device is designed to create an impressive soundscape that is both powerful and precise, with a total output power of 80 watts.

360° sound distribution for an optimal listening experience

By combining Omni-Hybrid™ speaker design and a smart DSP amplifier, the Pulse M achieves a balanced frequency response and 360° sound distribution. This technology ensures that every point in the room offers the same sound experience without the sound quality being lost anywhere.

Seamless networking and user-friendly control

The Pulse M is equipped with BluOS™, an advanced multi-room music technology that allows easy and seamless distribution of your favorite music throughout your home. Support for MQA playback means users can enjoy high-resolution, studio-quality audio streaming. In addition, the speaker offers AirPlay 2 and aptX™ Bluetooth® HD for further streaming options.

Versatile control options and connections

A touch-sensitive control panel and five programmable quick-touch presets make the Pulse M exceptionally intuitive to use. With voice control options through Apple Siri, Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, the speaker can also be easily controlled using voice commands. For wired use, there is a headphone jack and a connection for a wireless subwoofer, as well as the option of networking the speaker via dual-band WiFi or Gigabit Ethernet.

Design and accessories

The Pulse M is not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing with its acoustically transparent fabric covers and a modern, purposeful design. Accessories such as simple wall and stand mounting kits are available for flexible placement options.

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