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NAD T 778 AV Receiver

NAD T 778 AV Receiver

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Sophisticated home cinema and multiroom experience.

The NAD T 778 represents the pinnacle of modern AV receiver technology, perfectly tailored to the demands of a sophisticated home theater and multi-room experience. Its ability to master the latest audio and video standards makes it the ideal choice for enthusiasts who do not want to compromise on quality and performance.

High-resolution surround sound

With support for up to 7.2.4 channels, the T 778 decodes lossless formats such as Dolby® TrueHD, DTS® Master Audio and Dolby Atmos® to create a powerful, immersive listening experience. These technologies deliver stunning clarity and depth of sound that puts you right in the middle of the action of your favorite movies and music.

4K UltraHD support

For unrivalled picture quality, 4K UltraHD signals (60p/4:4:4) are passed through losslessly. This ensures that you can enjoy the latest films and series in the best possible resolution, supported by the latest video technology.

BluOS™ Streaming Platform

Integrated high-resolution streaming via BluOS™ enables access to your own audio files as well as Internet radio stations and music streaming services. The platform supports a multi-room network that allows you to play music synchronously or individually in different rooms of your house - conveniently controlled via a smartphone, tablet or PC.

Flexible and intuitive operation

The T 778 can be operated effortlessly via the integrated touchscreen on the front, or remotely via mobile devices and PC. This flexibility enables seamless integration into your digital home.

Powerful amplifier performance

With nine integrated amplifiers, each delivering a continuous output of 85 watts and a pulse output of up to 300 watts at 4 Ω, the T 778 offers enough power to drive even the most demanding loudspeaker systems.

Dirac Live® room measurement

For the perfect sound in every room, the AV receiver with the Dirac Live® system adapts precisely to the acoustics of the listening room. This advanced technology enables fine-tuning that is specifically tailored to the environment for an optimal sound experience.

The NAD T 778 is not just an AV receiver, but a comprehensive solution for anyone who longs for high-end audio and video enjoyment. With its combination of advanced technologies, powerful performance and intuitive operation, the T 778 sets new standards in the field of consumer electronics.

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