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NAD M23 Digital Stereo Power Amplifier

NAD M23 Digital Stereo Power Amplifier

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NAD M23 stereo power amplifier: The pinnacle of audiophile precision

The NAD M23 marks an outstanding advance in amplifier technology by utilizing the advanced Purifi Eigentakt™ technology. Developed by Purifi, a Danish technology company, this technology aims to eliminate the last weak points of digital amplification and, in collaboration with NAD, has resulted in a stereo power amplifier that boasts exceptionally low intermodulation distortion and a total harmonic distortion of just 0.0007%. The M23 thus offers a previously unattainable level of sonic purity and precision.

Significant reduction of hysteresis effects

A key element of Purifi Eigentakt™ technology is the significant reduction of the memory effect in the output filter components, which has traditionally led to sonic degradation in digital amplifiers. Through innovative modifications and algorithms, these hysteresis effects have been drastically reduced, resulting in unprecedented clarity and detail in the sound.

Unmatched performance and control

The M23 is characterized by its insensitivity to varying loudspeaker loads and an extremely low output impedance, which enables a high damping factor and thus precise and controlled bass reproduction. With efficient switching power supplies and Class D output stages, the power amplifier operates very linearly over a wide bandwidth and ensures consistent performance with any loudspeaker load.

Flexibility in application

The M23 is the ideal partner for high-quality stereo preamplifiers and other hi-fi components that offer an adjustable stereo preamplifier output. In addition, the M23 enables owners of a NAD M33 streaming integrated amplifier to expand their system into a powerful ensemble with up to 2 x 700 watts of continuous power.

The NAD M23 represents the latest generation of audiophile amplifier technology that not only maximizes the power and efficiency of digital amplification, but also delivers unprecedented sound quality. Using Purifi Eigentakt™ technology, the M23 sets new standards in audiophile music reproduction, surpassing traditional amplifier technologies in every way.

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