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NAD C658 BluOS Streaming Integrated Amplifier

NAD C658 BluOS Streaming Integrated Amplifier

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NAD C 658 Preamplifier: Revolutionizes the audio experience

The NAD C 658 marks a turning point in audio technology by combining classical music reproduction with the endless possibilities of digital media. As a state-of-the-art preamplifier, it offers a versatile platform for all imaginable music sources - from traditional analogue to the latest digital formats. With its comprehensive range of connections, including two optical and coaxial digital and analogue high-level inputs, the C 658 is ideally positioned to reproduce any piece of music in the highest quality.

Seamless integration and extensibility

An integrated Bluetooth® module receives and sends music streams in aptX™ HD quality, enabling flexible and high-quality audio playback to and from mobile devices and wireless headphones. The C 658 connects effortlessly to the home network, online streaming services, Internet radio stations and other BluOS™ compatible devices via BluOS™. The MDC slots on the rear offer additional flexibility for connecting HDMI A/V sources or integrating future technologies.

Optimized sound quality thanks to Dirac Live®

To ensure that the audio output is always optimally adapted to the acoustics of the listening room, the C 658 uses the advanced Dirac Live® room correction technology. This enables precise fine-tuning of the sound parameters to achieve the best possible sound quality for every genre and every recording.

The NAD C 658 preamplifier is more than just a device; it is the heart of any modern hi-fi system that knows no boundaries between analogue nostalgia and the digital future. Through its innovative connectivity and adaptability, the C 658 revolutionises the way we experience music and sets new standards for audiophile excellence.

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