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NAD C588 turntable

NAD C588 turntable

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C 588: Highest precision in analogue music reproduction

The C 588 is a testament to NAD's commitment to delivering the highest level of analogue music reproduction. Combining advanced engineering and careful material selection, this turntable delivers playback quality that will delight even the most demanding audiophiles.

Stable speed for unadulterated music enjoyment

Precise speed control is crucial for vinyl playback quality. The C 588 addresses this critical element with an electronic speed control that minimizes wow and flutter. This precise control ensures smooth and stable record rotation, free from the annoying pitch changes that can occur due to speed fluctuations.

Innovative technologies for improved performance

By converting AC to DC voltage and then generating a precise AC frequency for the synchronous motor, the C 588 effectively eliminates wow and flutter. A specially developed belt also isolates the turntable from potential vibrations from the motor. Aluminum alloys for all rotating parts reduce eccentricity and vibrations in the drive system to a minimum.

A tonearm that sets standards

The C 588's specially developed carbon tonearm, equipped with a solid metal pickup carrier and magnetic anti-skating compensation, ensures optimal tracking of the record grooves. The Ortofon 2M Red pickup system, a recognized choice for excellent tracking properties and nuanced sound, is used here. The ability to adjust azimuth and vertical tracking angle offers additional precision and flexibility.

The NAD C 588 is not just a turntable. It is a tribute to analogue music reproduction, designed for those who want to experience every detail of their record collection in the purest sound. With its exceptional precision, innovative technology and meticulous construction, the C 588 sets new standards in the world of hi-fi turntables.

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