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NAD C558 turntable

NAD C558 turntable

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NAD C 558 turntable: An ode to high-quality materials and audiophile precision

The NAD C 558 turntable is proof that high-quality materials and meticulous craftsmanship result in an exceptional listening experience. Designed for music lovers who value detail and precision, this device embodies NAD's commitment to audiophile quality.

Maximum smoothness for unadulterated music playback

The C 558's low-resonance sub-platter, driven by a special flat rubber belt, ensures exceptionally quiet and stable record rotation. The platter itself rests on a hardened steel shaft in a brass bearing - a testament to the care that has gone into every component to minimize vibration and maximize sound quality.

Precision down to the smallest detail

The carefully designed 9” tonearm optimizes tracking stability, rigidity and mass for the most precise tracking possible without distortion. The ability to manually adjust tracking force and azimuth shows the adaptability of the C 558 to the needs of demanding audiophiles.

Robust design against external interference:

The C 558's solid chassis and glass platter are designed to reject external vibrations and thus preserve the musical integrity of each record. The use of CNC-machined MDF for the chassis and heavy acrylic for the dust cover underscores the commitment to low resonance and durability.

The NAD C 558 turntable combines traditional audiophile virtues with modern technology and design. It is not just an instrument for music reproduction, but a statement for anyone who wants to experience vinyl playback in its purest form. With the C 558, NAD offers a platform that both captures the soul of music and appeals to the eye for aesthetics, a truly complete audiophile experience.

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