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NAD C368 Digital Integrated Amplifier

NAD C368 Digital Integrated Amplifier

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Innovative amplifier technology for high efficiency

The C368 uses NAD's advanced HybridDigital™ technology to deliver outstanding audiophile performance. These self-oscillating Class D amplifiers with active negative feedback convert the analog input signal into an efficient square wave signal using pulse width modulation. The result is an impressive power efficiency of over 90%, which not only makes HybridDigital™ Class D amplifiers extremely efficient, but also ensures excellent sound quality with minimal noise and distortion levels.

MDC – A modular design for the future

To meet the rapid technological changes in the audio/video industry, NAD has developed the Modular Design Construction (MDC) principle. This innovative solution allows NAD amplifiers to be brought up to date simply by replacing high-quality plug-in cards. This concept protects against premature obsolescence and enables flexible adaptation to new technologies and standards, such as high-speed HDMI connections or Dolby Atmos®.

Easy streaming with Bluetooth® and BluOS™

The C368 allows you to stream music directly from your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth® aptX™, enabling wireless transmission in true HiFi quality. For even more extensive streaming options, the amplifier can be expanded with an optional BluOS® module, which enables access to music from local network storage, cloud music services and Internet radios via WLAN or Ethernet.

BluOS™ – High-definition multi-room streaming

As part of the BluOS™ ecosystem, the C368 offers the ability to wirelessly stream high-resolution music (24-bit / 192 kHz) to up to 64 zones of your home. The intuitive BluOS™ app turns your smartphone, tablet or computer into a comprehensive remote control that lets you control uncompressed music across your entire network. BluOS™ supports a wide range of music formats, from MP3 to MQA studio-master quality, and provides access to popular streaming services as well as your own digital music library.

Intelligent home automation

BluOS™ integrates seamlessly with leading home automation systems, allowing you to control your lighting and heating as well as your multi-room music system from a smart home panel. Driver software for systems from Control4, Creston, ELAN and others is available on the Bluesound website.

The NAD C368 is therefore more than just an integrated amplifier; it is a future-proof investment in first-class sound and modern connectivity that can be flexibly adapted to future developments and personal needs.

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