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NAD C338 Digital Integrated Amplifier

NAD C338 Digital Integrated Amplifier

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Innovative HybridDigital™ technology for superior efficiency

The NAD C338 uses advanced HybridDigital™ technology to deliver outstanding performance and efficiency. As a self-oscillating Class D amplifier with active negative feedback, it converts the analogue input signal into an efficient square wave signal using pulse width modulation. This results in impressive energy efficiency with a power efficiency of over 90%, making the C338 not only environmentally friendly but also sonically superior.

Extensive music streaming options

The C338 is equipped with an integrated Chromecast module that enables easy and seamless transfer of audio data from your phone, tablet or computer. Thanks to Chromecast, you can use music services such as Spotify® directly and stream millions of music tracks in high quality to your amplifier. In addition, the built-in Bluetooth® receiver offers another way to enjoy music files from your smartphone in true HiFi quality.

Versatile connection options

In addition to modern streaming capabilities, the C338 also offers traditional connections to support a wide range of audio sources. This ensures that the amplifier is compatible with both the latest streaming technologies and can integrate older music sources without any problems.

High performance and excellent sound

The C338 not only delivers high performance thanks to its innovative amplifier technology, but also impresses with its dynamic, detailed and spatial sound. The HybridDigital™ technology ensures clean and precise reproduction across the entire spectrum, from deep bass to high frequencies.

Easy to use and seamless integration

The C338 is easy to integrate into your home network and control, whether via Chromecast functionality or Bluetooth®, making it the perfect hub for anyone who wants to enjoy their music digitally and without compromising on sound quality.

The NAD C338 represents an ideal combination of traditional amplifier performance and modern streaming capabilities. With its user-friendly technology and the ability to stream music in high quality, it offers a comprehensive solution for music lovers who want to get the best sound from all their digital and analogue music sources.

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