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NAD C3050 Stereo Amplifier

NAD C3050 Stereo Amplifier

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NAD C 3050 stereo integrated amplifier: A tribute to the past with a view to the future

The NAD C 3050 stereo integrated amplifier combines NAD's rich 50-year history of innovation with the most modern achievements in hi-fi technology. Its design pays tribute to the legendary audio components that have delighted music lovers since the 1970s and combines this heritage with today's cutting-edge technology. With elements such as the signature VU meters, push-button input selectors and a walnut-look vinyl cabinet, the C 3050 is not only an auditory experience, but a visual one as well.

Innovative technology for superior sound quality

At the heart of the C 3050 is a HybridDigital UcD amplifier that delivers impressive power and sonic purity with 100 watts per channel. The high-resolution differential D/A converter from Texas Instruments ensures that every nuance of the music is reproduced with the greatest possible precision, which will satisfy even the most demanding listeners.

Future-proof features thanks to MDC2 technology

Through MDC2 technology, the C 3050 offers its owners the opportunity to equip their amplifier with the latest features. This includes high-resolution BluOS multi-room streaming and the advanced Dirac Live room correction, which enables optimal sound adaptation to any listening environment.

A bridge between tradition and modernity

The NAD C 3050 is more than just an integrated amplifier; it is a statement for those who appreciate both the nostalgic aesthetics of classic hi-fi components and seek the unsurpassed sound of modern audio innovations. With its unique combination of retro-inspired design and cutting-edge technology, the C 3050 sets new standards in high-fidelity audio experiences.

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