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NAD C298 Digital Stereo Power Amplifier

NAD C298 Digital Stereo Power Amplifier

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Innovative amplifier technology for audiophile excellence

The NAD C 298 stereo power amplifier represents the latest breakthrough in NAD's long history of audiophile innovation. With the introduction of HybridDigital™ Purifi Eigentakt™ technology, the C 298 sets new standards for sound quality, power efficiency and precision. Originally developed in collaboration with Danish technology company Purifi, this technology provides near-perfect audio amplification with extremely low distortion and intermodulation noise, ensuring unmatched sound fidelity.

Amazing power reserves for dynamic music playback

Thanks to the innovative Power Drive technology, the C 298 has considerable power reserves, enabling dynamic and precise reproduction of music signals across a wide range of loudspeaker loads. With a continuous output power of 2 x 185 W at 8 Ω and up to 2 x 570 W pulse power at 2 Ω, the C 298 can drive even the most demanding loudspeakers while maintaining full musical dynamics and detail.

Flexibility and connectivity for high-end audio systems

The C 298 is designed to integrate seamlessly into a wide range of high-end audio systems. With balanced XLR inputs, gold-plated RCA inputs and an adjustable input level control, the power amplifier offers a wide range of connection options for various audio sources and preamplifiers. Additional features such as line level outputs, 12 V trigger signals and adjustable sensitivity for automatic switch-on expand the application possibilities of the C 298 and make it a valuable part of any serious audio system.

Monoblock capability for ultimate performance

One of the most outstanding features of the C 298 is its ability to operate in a bridge circuit, transforming it into a powerful monoblock amplifier. This option allows users to expand their system and maximize power if they want to achieve even more impressive audio performance.

Reliability and audiophile integrity

NAD places great importance on ensuring that its products not only offer the latest technology, but also meet basic audiophile requirements, and the C 298 is no exception. With low-noise circuitry, accurate channel balance, correct input and output impedance, and large headroom, the C 298 continues NAD's tradition of developing products known for their reliability, durability, and exceptional sound quality.

The NAD C 298 is more than just a power amplifier; it is a milestone in the development of audiophile amplifier technology that redefines the boundaries of what can be expected from a modern stereo power amplifier. With its advanced technology and flexible application possibilities, the C 298 offers unparalleled performance and sound quality for music lovers and audiophiles.

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