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NAD C268 Digital Stereo Power Amplifier

NAD C268 Digital Stereo Power Amplifier

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Remarkable flexibility and performance at an affordable price:

The NAD C268 sets new standards in the affordable stereo power amplifier category. With its impressive combination of versatility, advanced technologies and performance, it offers a quality and flexibility rarely found in other amplifiers in this price range. Whether as a complement to the NAD C658 preamplifier, in combination with other stereo or A/V preamplifiers, for bi-amping configurations or as a performance upgrade in conjunction with the NAD C368 integrated amplifier - the C268 proves to be a true all-rounder for a wide variety of application scenarios.

Powerful in mono and stereo mode

In mono mode, the C268 unleashes its full power, achieving an impressive continuous output of 300 watts at 8 Ω. When both channels are used, it still delivers a generous output of 2 x 80 watts, enough to adequately drive even the most demanding speaker systems. This power makes the C268 an excellent choice for audiophiles who do not want to compromise on sound quality.

Extensive connectivity options for seamless integration

The C268 offers both balanced XLR inputs and classic RCA jacks to ensure easy connection to a wide range of preamplifiers. The integrated level control for the input signal also allows optimal volume matching with other components in the system, making it easier to set up and use different audio setups.

The ideal solution for a variety of audio configurations

Whether as part of a high-resolution music system, in a bi-amped setup for improved performance and sound quality, or as a power boost in an existing NAD system, the C268 demonstrates exceptional adaptability and performance. Its ability to operate in bridge mode opens up further possibilities for system expansion and enhancement, making it a valuable component to any hi-fi system.

The NAD C268 offers an outstanding blend of performance, flexibility and value, making it an attractive option for audiophiles looking for an affordable yet high-quality solution to their hi-fi needs.

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