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Sonoro Platinum record player

Sonoro Platinum record player

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Fusion of precision and style

The Sonoro PLATINUM record player: A fusion of precision and style for true music lovers. This device combines high-quality components and advanced technology to give you an unparalleled vinyl experience. Whether you want to rediscover your beloved record collection or immerse yourself in the analogue music world, the Sonoro PLATINUM is your ideal companion.

Excellent audio quality

Equipped with the renowned Ortofon 2M Red cartridge and an integrated preamplifier, the Sonoro PLATINUM guarantees audio reproduction that impresses with clarity and precision.

Comprehensive connectivity

The Sonoro PLATINUM can be easily integrated into any modern audio system. With analog and digital connection options such as an integrated phono preamplifier, RCA connection, USB and Bluetooth, it offers versatile connection options.

Bluetooth connectivity

Thanks to the integrated Bluetooth function, the Sonoro PLATINUM offers flexibility in choosing a location. Enjoy the freedom to place your record player wherever it suits you best without the hassle of cables.

Digitizing your treasures

With the USB connection, you can easily digitize and archive your valuable record collection so you can enjoy your music on the go.

Unique design

The Sonoro PLATINUM impresses with its elegant exterior with high-quality paintwork and a cast aluminum turntable - a true design piece that cuts a fine figure in any room.

German engineering

Developed in Neuss, Germany, the Sonoro PLATINUM combines the highest sound quality, easy operation and a timeless design that fits into any living environment.

Modern technology for perfect sound

The precisely manufactured components such as the belt drive, the DC motor, the height-adjustable tonearm and the Ortofon 2M Red cartridge work harmoniously together to produce a perfect sound.

For music as an experience

The Sonoro PLATINUM complements the award-winning HiFi range with its sophisticated design and acoustic quality. It fits perfectly with the MAESTRO and ORCHESTRA systems in terms of appearance and sound and is the ideal addition to any high-quality audio system.

Discover the Sonoro PLATINUM record player, the perfect combination of high-quality audio technology, flexible connectivity and elegant design. Experience your vinyl treasures with unparalleled sound quality and stylish presentation.

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