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Elac Vela BS 404.2 bookshelf loudspeaker (piece)

Elac Vela BS 404.2 bookshelf loudspeaker (piece)

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Discover the ELAC Vela BS 404.2: A revolutionary compact loudspeaker that redefines design and performance

The ELAC Vela BS 404.2 breaks through traditional boundaries of compact loudspeakers and establishes new standards for acoustic excellence and aesthetic design. With its advanced 180mm bass/midrange driver, this speaker offers unparalleled sonic richness and precision that will make audiophiles' hearts beat faster.

A masterpiece of design

The extraordinary design of the Vela BS 404.2, characterized by its trapezoidal, backward sloping cabinet, combines form and function in an impressive way. Available in high-quality lacquered or elegant veneer finishes, every detail of this loudspeaker is a feast for the eyes. Modern aluminum elements set stylish accents and complement the visual presence of the speaker.

Acoustic innovation for outstanding sound

The Vela BS 404.2 achieves unprecedented sound reproduction thanks to the innovative cabinet tilt in combination with the groundbreaking waveguide of the JET 6 tweeter. This technology makes it possible to create a detailed and precise sound image even in rooms with a modern design. The high-quality van den Hul internal cabling and bi-wiring terminals maximize the sound quality and offer exceptional flexibility in use.
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