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KEF S2 stand pair

KEF S2 stand pair

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KEF S2 stand: perfection in form and function for your speakers

The KEF S2 stand is specifically designed for the highly acclaimed models such as the LS50 Meta and LS50 Wireless II as well as other KEF bookshelf speakers (speakers not included). These stands are not only aesthetically pleasing but also functionally thought out to maximize the acoustic performance of your speakers. Equipped with a special mounting system, the S2 stands offer seamless integration of the speakers and enable an elegant cable management solution that makes all connections and cables invisible.

Engineering knowledge for acoustic excellence

Designed by KEF's experienced engineering team in the UK, the S2 stands are designed to get the best out of your speakers. The stands ensure that the speakers are positioned at the ideal height to best reach the listening area. This is crucial for accurate reproduction of music and speech, so that every sound reaches you pure and clear.

Robust construction for lasting stability

The S2 stands are equipped with robust steel plates and feature a fillable aluminum tube construction that offers exceptional stability and damping. This solid construction minimizes vibrations and resonances that could affect sound quality, thus delivering clean, undisturbed sound.

Protection and style for every room

In addition to the functional design, the S2 feet feature practical spike discs that are specially designed to protect sensitive wooden floors. These details show that everything was thought of when designing the S2 feet to ensure a perfect harmony between form, function and environmental protection.

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