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KEF S1 stand pair

KEF S1 stand pair

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KEF S1 stand: Optimal support for your LSX II and LSX II LT Wireless HiFi System

The KEF S1 Stand is tailor-made for the LSX II and LSX II LT Wireless HiFi System (speakers not included) to ensure seamless integration and excellent acoustic performance. These stands are designed to complement the aesthetics and functionality of the speaker systems by providing a stable and stylish base.

Elegant cable management and secure installation

A key feature of the S1 stand is the sophisticated cable management system, which neatly hides all connecting cables and thus contributes to the clean lines and tidy appearance of your living space. In addition, the integrated mounting system ensures a firm and secure connection between the LSX II or LSX II LT speakers and the stand, which not only improves the visual uniformity but also the acoustic performance.

Optimized sound quality

The specific design of the S1 stand ensures that the speakers are positioned at the optimal height. This height adjustment is crucial to achieving the ideal sound as it allows the speakers to play directly at ear level, providing optimal sound distribution and an improved listening experience.

Robust design for long-lasting stability

The S1 stand is not only functional but also robust. Its construction ensures lasting stability and vibration protection, resulting in undisturbed and clear sound reproduction. The stand's solid base helps to minimize unwanted resonances, ensuring the pure sound of your music or media content.

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