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KEF P1 table stand pair

KEF P1 table stand pair

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KEF P1 Table Stand: Optimized placement for your LSX II and LSX II LT

The KEF P1 table stand is specifically designed to make the most of your LSX II or LSX II LT speakers (speakers not included) in a variety of environments. Whether as a desktop speaker, flanking your TV, on bookshelves or in a cabinet, the P1 provides the ideal support to place the speakers at the perfect height and orientation.

High-quality design for excellent acoustics

Made from high-quality die-cast aluminum, the P1 stand combines sturdiness with a sleek design that will complement any decor. The 10-degree upward tilt is carefully calibrated to easily align the speakers to your listening position, which is especially important to ensure optimal sound in your preferred listening environment.

Safe and integrated assembly

The LSX II and LSX II LT can be securely attached to the P1 stand using an integrated mounting system. This solid connection not only ensures a stable installation, but also minimizes vibrations and allows the speakers to achieve their maximum acoustic performance.

Maximum performance and aesthetic integration

The combination of high-quality materials and thoughtful construction of the P1 stand ensures that the speakers can deliver their full performance. The tilt not only helps to direct the sound directly at the listener, but also allows the speakers to blend seamlessly into any environment, becoming a part of your daily living space.

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