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KEF KW1 TX/RX System Wireless Subwoofer Adapter Kit

KEF KW1 TX/RX System Wireless Subwoofer Adapter Kit

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KEF KW1: Wireless freedom for your subwoofers

The KEF KW1 is an innovative wireless audio transmission solution specifically designed for the Kube series subwoofers and the KC92. This system, which consists of a transmitter and a receiver, allows you to place your KEF subwoofers freely in the room without being restricted by cables. This flexibility is particularly beneficial for an optimal setup and an aesthetically pleasing interior in your living or listening room.

High-quality wireless audio transmission

By using the 5 GHz frequency band, the KW1 system guarantees stable and high-quality transmission of audio data up to 24 bit/48 kHz. This high transmission bandwidth ensures that all the details and effects of your favorite films and music are transmitted precisely and without any loss of quality.

User-friendly installation and versatile compatibility

Setting up the KW1 is extremely easy thanks to intuitive pairing mechanisms. The transmitter is conveniently powered via USB, while the receiver is powered directly from the subwoofer extension port, eliminating the need for additional power supplies or cables. With a line-of-sight range of up to 30 meters, the KW1 offers maximum flexibility in the placement of your subwoofers.

Perfect for various KEF models

In addition to the Kube series subwoofers and the KC92, the KW1 is also ideal for use with KEF's latest wireless speaker systems, such as the LSX II LT, LSX II, LS50 Wireless II and LS60 Wireless. This compatibility expands the KW1's possible uses and makes it a versatile accessory in any modern audio setup.

Additional options for advanced systems

For users who want to use multiple subwoofers in their system, KEF offers the option of purchasing the KW1 receiver separately. This allows two subwoofers to be evenly supplied with the same signal, which can be particularly useful in larger rooms or for an even more immersive sound experience.

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