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KEF KC62 Subwoofer

KEF KC62 Subwoofer

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KEF KC62: Compact subwoofer with large format performance

The KEF KC62 subwoofer revolutionizes the concept of the compact subwoofer. Despite its small size - comparable to a football - the KC62 delivers exceptional performance, making it a true "David" among traditional "Goliath" subwoofers. This small powerhouse uses KEF's innovative Uni-Core® technology to deliver deep and precise bass that enriches music, film and gaming experiences.

Revolutionary technology for impressive bass reproduction

Equipped with two 16.5 cm bass drivers and force-cancelling technology, the KC62 is powered by a specially developed Class D power amplifier with an impressive 1,000 W RMS. This combination not only ensures precise bass notes, but also a powerful performance that you would not expect from such a compact device.

Optimized performance for every room

The KC62 offers flexible placement options without compromising sound quality. Thanks to five preset Room Placement EQ functions, this subwoofer delivers consistently high performance anywhere, whether it is placed free-standing in the room, against a wall, in a corner, in a closet or in the special Apartment mode.

Versatile connectivity for easy integration

The KC62's connectivity options make it a perfect addition to almost any audio system. KEF SmartConnect simplifies connection and minimizes compatibility issues, while the line output with high-pass filter allows for fine-tuned adjustment. In addition to the wired connection, the KC62 is also compatible with the KEF KW1, allowing for a seamless wireless connection.

Innovative technologies for maximum precision

KEF remains true to its commitment to delivering the highest precision, which is reflected in the KC62 through technologies such as the P-Flex surround for precise chassis movement and Smart Distortion Control Technology that reduces distortion. The integration of KEF's Music Integrity Engine further maximizes performance to satisfy even the most demanding audio enthusiasts.

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