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Epson EH-LS11000W projector

Epson EH-LS11000W projector

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Epson EH-LS11000W: Ultimate image quality and outstanding features

The Epson EH-LS11000W redefines the standards for image quality and offers an outstanding viewing experience in your home. Equipped with a uniquely designed laser optical system, it delivers uncompromising performance for impressive image quality.

Brilliant brightness and color reproduction

With a brightness of 2,500 lumens and excellent color reproduction, the EH-LS11000W achieves a vivid picture quality that brings every detail to life. The highly efficient LD package and the newly developed aperture ensure clear, rich colors and a razor-sharp image.

Durable laser system and fast response time

The EH-LS11000W's laser system has a lifespan of up to 20,000 hours, allowing for virtually worry-free operation. Thanks to its fast response time, the projector reaches maximum brightness almost instantly and switches off just as quickly.

First-class 4K picture quality and HDR support

Experience an incredibly sharp 4K picture without sacrificing image brightness with advanced pixel-shifting technology and three individual high-definition LCD chips. HDR10+ support enables the faithful representation of a film's visual intentions, including subtle shadow tones and the finest details.

Flexible installation options and powerful features

Thanks to the powerful lens shift function and zoom, the EH-LS11000W can be installed in both living rooms and private home theaters. Ease of use is ensured by the remote control, the control panel on the projector and control commands.

Reduced noise levels and improved image quality

A reduction in high-frequency noise and improved blur reduction ensure less distraction and a more intense viewing experience, even during fast-moving or action-packed scenes.

The Epson EH-LS11000W not only offers outstanding picture quality, but also a variety of advanced features to take your home cinema experience to a new level.

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