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Elac WS 1665 On Wall Speaker Piece

Elac WS 1665 On Wall Speaker Piece

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Elac WS 1665: The wall speaker revolution for audiophile sound worlds

Discover a new dimension of listening experience right on your wall with the Elac WS 1665. This speaker is an audiophile masterpiece, designed for those who expect nothing less than perfect sound quality in their large listening rooms or at higher volumes. The WS 1665, a 2.5-way bass reflex speaker for wall mounting, offers a solution for those who do not want to deal with positioning problems.

A symbiosis of power and clarity

Equipped with two powerful woofers and the renowned JET 5 tweeter, the WS 1665 stands for unparalleled sound purity and dynamics. The combination of these high-quality components enables precise reproduction across the entire sound spectrum - from the deepest bass to the highest treble.

Versatility in every tone

Similar in sound character to the WS 1645, the WS 1665 surpasses it in terms of bass performance. Its ability to also function as a classic center speaker makes it a versatile choice for any home theater or music system.

Elegance on the wall

In addition to its audiophile excellence, the WS 1665 impresses with its elegant design. The option of wall mounting not only offers a practical solution for saving space, but also integrates the loudspeaker aesthetically into any living environment. Experience how the WS 1665 enriches not only your listening concept, but also your living concept.

With the Elac WS 1665 you get a loudspeaker that leaves nothing to be desired in terms of performance, sound quality and design. Make the WS 1665 the center of your audiophile life and enjoy music and films in a dimension never before achieved.

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