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Elac Vela FS 408.2 floorstanding speaker

Elac Vela FS 408.2 floorstanding speaker

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The ELAC Vela FS 408.2: Floorstanding loudspeakers that set new standards

The ELAC Vela FS 408.2 floorstanding loudspeaker epitomises acoustic excellence and design brilliance, reflecting ELAC's commitment to sound excellence. With its impressive size and the promise of uncompromising acoustic fireworks, the FS 408.2 stands for pure performance and clarity.

A new chapter in sound

Equipped with an extensive cone range for low frequencies, a precise midrange driver and the renowned JET 6 tweeter, the FS 408.2 delivers a sound experience that can be described as simply brilliant. Handcrafted in Kiel, Germany, the JET 6 tweeter is recognised worldwide for its exceptional sound quality and represents the pinnacle of modern acoustic technology.

Flexibility and adaptability

The Vela series is characterised by its flexible connection options, which support bi-wiring or bi-amping to optimise the sound according to individual preferences. These features make the FS 408.2 a versatile speaker that shines in any room and in any listening environment.

Stability meets design

The robust aluminium base assembly with an integrated downfiring bass reflex tube not only ensures stable positioning, but also contributes to the acoustic performance by enabling optimum sound dispersion. This well thought-out design is an example of ELAC's innovative spirit and its ability to harmonise function and form.

The ELAC Vela FS 408.2 not only makes a strong visual statement, but also impresses with its acoustic performance. With its ability to reproduce the lowest frequencies with precision and clarity, while the rest of the frequency spectrum is handled with unrivalled clarity by the JET 6 tweeter, it represents the best of what modern floorstanding loudspeakers have to offer.
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