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Elac Vela CC 401.2 center speaker

Elac Vela CC 401.2 center speaker

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The ELAC Vela CC 401.2 centre speaker: the centre of your surround sound

The ELAC Vela CC 401.2 enriches the surround sound experience with its outstanding performance and acoustic precision. It fits seamlessly into the acoustic profile of the Vela series and now makes it possible to enjoy the excellent stereo quality in a surround setup. The CC 401.2 is in no way inferior to a floorstanding speaker such as the FS 407.2 and delivers a superior presentation of the centre channel, regardless of the type of content.

Excellent sound thanks to proven technology

Equipped with the world-renowned JET 6 tweeter, handmade in Kiel, the CC 401.2 sets standards in terms of sound quality and attention to detail. The combination of this tweeter with the powerful woofers of the Solano series ensures a discreet appearance and high performance at the same time. This configuration guarantees clear and precise reproduction of the centre channel, which is essential for an immersive listening experience.

Versatile connection options for optimised sound configuration

The Vela series offers sophisticated connection options that support bi-wiring or bi-amping to customise and optimise the sound image. This flexibility allows you to get the most out of your home cinema and tailor the sound exactly to your needs.

Robust design for optimal placement

The robust aluminium base assembly with integrated downfiring bass reflex tube makes it easier to position the speaker and optimises the acoustic performance. This design supports precise bass reproduction and provides a stable foundation for the sound.

The ELAC Vela CC 401.2 centre speaker is the heart of any surround sound system and ensures clear, detailed and powerful reproduction of the centre channel. Its acoustic excellence and technological innovation make it an indispensable component for anyone who doesn't want to miss a single detail of their favourite films, music or games.

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