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Elac Vela BS 403.2 bookshelf loudspeaker (piece)

Elac Vela BS 403.2 bookshelf loudspeaker (piece)

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Discover the ELAC Vela BS 403.2: A bookshelf loudspeaker that exceeds all expectations

The ELAC Vela BS 403.2 is no ordinary bookshelf loudspeaker. With its impressive sound and high-quality appearance, it redefines the class of compact loudspeakers. The Vela BS 403.2 is the result of meticulous engineering and design that is convincing in every respect.

High-quality sound from Kiel: the JET 6 tweeter

At the heart of the Vela BS 403.2 beats the JET 6 tweeter, handcrafted in Kiel and a symbol of worldwide recognition and technological excellence. This tweeter, known for its exceptional sound purity, is complemented by woofers from the Solano series, which offer a perfect balance between discreet appearance and outstanding performance.

Flexible connection options for individual sound design

The Vela series is characterized by its versatile connection options, which support bi-wiring and bi-amping. These functions allow the listener to shape the sound according to personal preferences and make optimum use of the speakers' performance.

Down to earth with intelligent design

The solid aluminum base assembly has an integrated downfiring bass reflex tube, which not only ensures a stable stand, but also makes it easier to position the speakers in the room, thus ensuring an optimal sound experience.

The ELAC Vela BS 403.2 stands for outstanding acoustic performance in a compact format. It is the ideal choice for audiophiles who value detailed, full-range sound and an aesthetically pleasing appearance.

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