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Elac Solano CC 281.2 center speaker

Elac Solano CC 281.2 center speaker

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Elac Solano CC 281.2 Center Speaker: At the heart of your home theater

Discover the Elac Solano CC 281.2, the essential center speaker that completes any home theater experience. With its precise focus and direct response, the CC 281.2 ensures that you never miss a single punch line. Its positioning at the center of the action and its mission to provide perfect sound focus make it a master of its craft.

Design that sets accents

The rectangular basic shape of the housing made of high-strength MDF, combined with a slightly curved baffle and large radii, gives the CC 281.2 a compact but impressive appearance. This design not only guarantees a perfect look, but also perfect acoustics that will come into their own in any home cinema.

Precision down to the smallest detail

The aluminum transducer baskets used in the Solano series offer not only an attractive appearance and high-quality feel, but also the mechanical stability that is essential for perfect sound conversion. Every detail of the CC 281.2 is designed to deliver unsurpassed sound quality.

Cutting-edge technology for the best sound

The heart of the CC 281.2 is the JET 6 tweeter, hand-made in Kiel, which is known worldwide for its outstanding performance. The combination of this tweeter with the powerful woofers of the Solano series results in a sound quality that exceeds all expectations. The subtle appearance and high performance of these components ensure a gripping atmosphere that completely immerses you in your favorite film or piece of music.

The Elac Solano CC 281.2 center speaker is the heart of every sophisticated home theater system and delivers sound quality that not only meets your expectations, but far exceeds them. With its perfect look and perfect acoustics, the CC 281.2 sets new standards for center speakers.

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