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Elac Solano BS 283.2 bookshelf speaker (piece)

Elac Solano BS 283.2 bookshelf speaker (piece)

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The ELAC Solano BS 283.2 bookshelf loudspeaker: a masterpiece of sound and design

The ELAC Solano BS 283.2 bookshelf loudspeaker impressively combines the characteristics of a solo artist with those of a team player. This model impresses with its ability to offer a full-format sound experience despite its compact size and provides surprising listening moments. The musical dynamics and discreet design emphasise the versatility and performance of this speaker.

Unique design for impressive looks and acoustics

The ELAC Solano BS 283.2 impresses with an enclosure made of high-thickness MDF, whose rectangular basic shape, slightly curved baffle and large radii guarantee not only a compact but also an impressive appearance. This sophisticated design not only contributes to the aesthetic appearance, but also optimises the acoustic performance.

High-quality materials for perfect sound reproduction

The transducer baskets of the Solano series are made of aluminium, which gives them an appealing look and high-quality feel as well as exceptional mechanical stability. This stability is essential for the basis of perfect sound conversion and contributes significantly to the sound quality.

Technological excellence for the best sound

The JET 6 tweeter, handcrafted in Kiel and known worldwide for its outstanding sound quality, forms the centrepiece of the ELAC Solano BS 283.2. Together with carefully selected woofers, which impress with both their discreet appearance and high performance, the loudspeaker offers an incomparable listening experience.

The ELAC Solano BS 283.2 sets new standards in bookshelf speakers and proves that size is not always the deciding factor for sound quality. Its ability to create an extraordinary soundscape in any room makes it a must-have for every audiophile.

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