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Elac DS1200 Subwoofer Piece

Elac DS1200 Subwoofer Piece

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Elac DS1200: The pinnacle of audiophile bass precision

Discover the Elac DS1200 from the Dual Reference series, a subwoofer that combines technical uncompromisingness with musical brilliance. This masterpiece of acoustic technology sets new standards in the reproduction of low frequencies and offers a performance that is both powerful and incredibly musical.

Innovative technology for perfect sound

The revolutionary arrangement of the loudspeaker chassis perfectly compensates impulses and neutralizes mechanical forces within the robust housing made of 36 mm thick MDF. The result is an ideal generation of airborne sound without distortion or loss.

Advanced HEX technology

The two 10" and 12" chassis, manufactured using advanced HEX technology, extend the linear excursion range and enable deep and precise bass projection. This innovative technology guarantees reproduction that is unmatched in its purity and detail.

Incredible performance thanks to BASH® amplifier

Supported by the powerful BASH® amplifiers, which deliver impressive power at 1000 W or 1200 W, the DS1200 effortlessly masters even the most demanding acoustic challenges. The combination of high-quality components and precise workmanship enables bass reproduction that sets new standards in both depth and clarity.

The Elac DS1200 is not just a subwoofer - it is an investment in an unparalleled listening experience. Perfect for audiophiles who don't want to compromise and want to get the best out of their music and films.

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