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Elac DS1000 Subwoofer

Elac DS1000 Subwoofer

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ELAC DS1000 - The top of the Dual Reference Series subwoofers!

Experience unrivalled technical sophistication and a powerful yet musical performance with the DS1000-GB and DS1200-GB models from ELAC's Dual Reference series. The innovative impulse-compensating arrangement of the loudspeaker chassis in a robust housing made of 36 mm thick MDF material perfectly balances out mechanical forces, resulting in ideal airborne sound generation.

The impressive 10" or 12" chassis, manufactured with HEX technology, extend the linear excursion range and, in combination with the powerful BASH® amplifiers with 1000 W or 1200 W, guarantee a precise and deep projection of the bass range. Immerse yourself in a top-class sound experience with the ELAC DS1000!

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