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Elac Carina FS 247.4 floorstanding loudspeaker piece

Elac Carina FS 247.4 floorstanding loudspeaker piece

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Elac Carina FS 247.4: Acoustic perfection meets modern design

The Elac Carina FS 247.4 loudspeakers represent the successful fusion of proven tradition and innovative modernity. Inspired by the legendary 240 series, the Carina series takes the sound experience to a new level. Equipped with the high-resolution JET tweeter and specially developed bass chassis, the FS 247.4 promises an extraordinary listening experience. The powerful, dynamic and at the same time natural sound is achieved through the precise tuning of the complex crossovers.

Innovative JET technology for crystal clear sound

The Carina FS 247.4 uses the tried and tested JET tweeter, known for its transparent and detailed sound reproduction. Thanks to its high dynamics and extended frequency range, this air motion transformer guarantees a unique sound experience without compression.

Newly developed woofer chassis for impressive bass

In order to continue the high quality of the JET tweeter in the bass range, the Carina loudspeakers have a newly developed bass chassis. The aluminum compound chassis ensures perfect sound conversion and, thanks to its special material composition and shape, offers dynamic bass reproduction with powerful punch.

Downfiring bass reflex port for flexible placement

The innovative downfiring bass reflex port allows flexible placement of the speakers and minimizes ventilation noise, making the Carina FS 247.4 an ideal choice for any living environment. The speakers therefore offer not only acoustic but also aesthetic flexibility.

Elegance in every detail

The Carina series is characterized by a fresh, elegant look. The satin finish and the carefully designed housing fit seamlessly into modern living concepts and make the FS 247.4 a visual highlight in every room.

The Elac Carina FS 247.4 represents a new era in audio technology, where high-resolution sound and elegant design go hand in hand. Experience music in a dimension that exceeds your expectations.

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