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Elac Carina CC 241.4 center speaker

Elac Carina CC 241.4 center speaker

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Elac Carina CC 241.4: The center of your acoustic universe

Discover the Elac Carina CC 241.4, the central star in the galaxy of home cinema acoustics. Inspired by the legendary 240 series, this center speaker combines tradition with the latest audio innovation. Equipped with the unique JET tweeter and specially developed woofer chassis, the CC 241.4 redefines the core of every dynamic and powerful home cinema experience.

Innovation meets tradition: The JET tweeter

For over two decades, ELAC has relied on the proven JET technology, which is known for its transparent and high-resolution sound. The Air Motion Transformer, folded according to the JET principle, offers exceptional dynamics and an ultra-wide frequency range, making the CC 241.4 the centerpiece of your home theater.

Dynamics and precision: The new bass chassis

In order to meet the high demands of the JET tweeter, a new bass chassis was developed for the CC 241.4. The aluminum compound chassis guarantees perfect interaction in the transition area and offers remarkable dynamics and a powerful bass that brings every detail of your favorite films and music tracks to life.

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