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Cambridge Audio EVO CD CD drive

Cambridge Audio EVO CD CD drive

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Evo CD: The evolution of the CD drive

The Evo CD is the exclusive CD drive specifically designed for the Evo all-in-one players. With its attractive design, high-quality materials and exacting construction standards, the Evo CD is ready to extract every sonic detail from your CD collection and transmit it smoothly to the Evo.

Precise performance through innovative design

The Evo CD features our new S5 servo, an evolution of the highly acclaimed S3 servo in the CXC, for more precise running speed and even better reading of audio data. The specially developed CD drive ensures error-free playback of audio CDs with unerring precision.

High-quality materials for optimal performance

The anodized aluminum that surrounds the Evo CD's precision components not only matches the Evo's clean design, but also contributes to its performance. The acoustic dampening of the metal housing and drive tray ensures that the signal is not affected on its way to the Evo's digital-to-analog converter.

Seamless integration with the Evo

The Evo CD is designed exclusively for use with the Evo and features the same high-quality materials and dimensions. Place it underneath or next to the all-in-one player - the choice is yours. Together, the Evo and Evo CD form a confident design that honors its heritage while looking to the future.

Robustness and durability

Made from carefully selected, high-quality materials, the Evo CD is as robust as it is good-looking. The solid metal CD tray and sturdy mechanism guarantee stability, efficiency and durability. Like your CD collection, the Evo CD will stand the test of time, playing music and memories for years to come.

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