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Bowers & Wilkins CCM662 ceiling speaker piece

Bowers & Wilkins CCM662 ceiling speaker piece

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Bowers & Wilkins CCM662: Ceiling speakers for real high-end sound

Exquisite sound quality for demanding audiophiles

The Bowers & Wilkins CCM662 represents true high-end audio performance in a stylishly integrated ceiling speaker. Equipped with a 25mm aluminium dome tweeter that uses innovative Nautilus™ spiral tube technology and a 150mm aramid fibre woofer, this speaker delivers outstanding sound fidelity. This combination ensures precise high frequency reproduction as well as deep and clear bass lines that enrich the listening experience in any living space.

Innovative technologies for superior acoustics

The CCM662 features advanced components that are specifically engineered to minimize acoustic distortion and maximize sound clarity. The aluminum dome tweeter with Nautilus™ technology minimizes unwanted sound reflections and ensures clean and clear high-frequency reproduction. The aramid fiber woofer not only offers excellent rigidity and damping, but also has an attractive blue finish.

Easy installation and adaptable design

The CCM662 is easy to install thanks to its sophisticated design and integrated mounting technology. The speaker fits seamlessly into any ceiling and its discreet appearance makes it a perfect addition to any room design. The adaptable components, such as the pivoting tweeter, allow the sound to be directed precisely, making the speaker ideal for specific listening areas.

Versatility and lasting performance

The CCM662 is not only a speaker for music lovers, but also an excellent choice for movie enthusiasts and gamers who prefer immersive sound without visible speakers. The robust construction and high-quality materials ensure long-lasting performance and reliability in a variety of room conditions.

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