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ARCAM CD5: The new era of compact disc playback

Since the launch of the groundbreaking Delta 70 CD player in 1986, ARCAM has been at the forefront of digital audio innovation. The ARCAM CD5 is the result of decades of experience and development in compact disc playback. With the aim of providing the best sound quality, the CD5 combines the latest technologies with high-quality components and materials. These carefully selected elements guarantee brilliant and pristine audio reproduction.

High-Res Audio for discerning ears

The ARCAM CD5 goes beyond traditional CD playback and supports playback of FLAC and WAV files in High-Resolution Audio quality, both from CDs and USB storage devices. This ability to handle high-resolution audio files ensures that every nuance and detail of your favourite music is faithfully reproduced.

Versatility and user-friendly design

As well as CDs, the ARCAM CD5 can also play CD-R and CD-RW formats, making it a versatile player for all your music collections - from commercial albums to personal mix CDs. In addition, the USB mass storage port allows you to play music libraries directly from a USB stick, making the CD5 a complete music system.

Modern and attractive Radia design

The CD5 features an all-new Radia design that is both purposeful and playful, and fits seamlessly into any home environment. This design combines functionality with aesthetic elegance, making the CD5 a stylish addition to any home audio system.

Environmental awareness in packaging

In line with modern environmental standards, the ARCAM CD5 is supplied in plastic-free packaging. This packaging facilitates disposal and supports the sustainable use of natural resources, which underlines ARCAM's commitment to environmental responsibility.

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