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ARCAM A25 integrated amplifier: top performance in luxury design

The ARCAM A25 sits at the top of the Radia integrated amplifier range, offering an exceptionally luxurious music experience. This sophisticated amplifier combines visually appealing design with the latest audio technology to ensure an unrivalled listening experience. Experience the sound quality and dynamics of the 5th generation Class-G amplifier design, renowned for its efficient performance and minimal distortion.

Comprehensive connectivity for modern audiophiles

The ARCAM A25 expands its connectivity options with a USB-C input, allowing direct and hassle-free connection to PCs, Macs or even Raspberry Pis. This versatility is complemented by an advanced Bluetooth solution that uses Qualcomm AptX Adaptive technology to deliver 24-bit HD audio for the best sound quality from your streaming devices. Bluetooth headphones can also be easily connected for a private listening experience after dark.

Phono stage and high-resolution audio inputs

As with all ARCAM integrated amplifiers, the A25 places particular emphasis on the built-in phono stage to reproduce your vinyl collection in the best possible quality. Additionally, high-resolution digital audio inputs, including USB-C, offer the opportunity to enjoy ultra-high-resolution audio. These comprehensive input options ensure that the A25 can handle all your audio sources with outstanding clarity.

Powerful amplification and elegant design

With an output of 100 watts per channel at 8 ohms, the A25 effortlessly powers even the most demanding speakers. The new Radia design is both purposeful and playful and fits seamlessly into any modern interior. The use of specially selected components and materials guarantees the best sound quality and durability.

Environmentally friendly packaging

In line with a growing awareness of environmental protection, the ARCAM A25 comes in plastic-free packaging that simplifies disposal and conserves natural resources.

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