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Sonoro Platinum SE record player

Sonoro Platinum SE record player

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New dimension of audio quality

Experience a new dimension of audio quality with the Sonoro PLATINUM SE. This state-of-the-art record player combines modern technology with traditional vinyl warmth, packaged in a design that enhances any interior. Its precisely coordinated functions and diverse connection options offer exceptional sound reproduction and easy integration into your existing audio setup.

Excellent audio quality

Equipped with the renowned Nagaoka MP-110 pickup and an integrated preamplifier, the Sonoro PLATINUM SE delivers a clear and precise sound that captures every nuance of your favorite records.

Versatile connection options

The Sonoro PLATINUM SE offers a wide range of connectivity options, including an integrated phono preamplifier, RCA connection, USB for digitizing your collection, and Bluetooth for wireless flexibility.

Wireless freedom

Thanks to Bluetooth technology, you can flexibly choose the location of the Sonoro PLATINUM SE without compromising on sound quality.

Digitize your treasures

With the USB port, you can easily connect the Sonoro PLATINUM SE to your PC or laptop to digitize your record collection and preserve it for the future.

Design that inspires

The elegant housing with high-quality, matt finish and the cast aluminum turntable with cork pad combine beauty and functionality.

German engineering

Developed in Neuss, Germany, the Sonoro PLATINUM SE stands for the highest sound quality, user-friendly operation and a timeless design.

A masterpiece of technology

With optimizations such as a heavier, resonance-damping turntable for improved stability, a double-bearing tonearm and the high-quality cork pad, the Sonoro PLATINUM SE sets new standards in its class.

The Sonoro PLATINUM SE is not just a record player; it is a total experience for those who want to feel music, not just hear it. Whether you want to immerse yourself in the world of vinyl or rediscover old treasures, the PLATINUM SE is your ticket to a world of acoustic wonders. It fits perfectly with the excellent components of the Sonoro HiFi ensemble, including the MAESTRO receiver and the ORCHESTRA speakers, and promises a seamless and enriching listening experience.

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