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ARCAM A15 integrated amplifier: Excellent sound amplification

The ARCAM A15 is the result of over 45 years of amplifier design and innovation, delivering a robust 80 watts per channel. Ideal for tower speakers and larger rooms, the A15 is designed for enthusiasts who love dynamic and exuberant listening levels. As ARCAM's core competency lies in amplification, every aspect of the A15 is focused on delivering an unrivalled listening experience.

High-definition audio at your fingertips

Equipped with Bluetooth and Qualcomm AptX Adaptive technology, the A15 offers seamless connectivity, allowing you to enjoy 24-bit HD audio straight from your phone or tablet. Whether you're streaming your favorite playlist or an exciting podcast, the A15 ensures premium sound quality without the hassle of wires. And thanks to the ability to connect it to Bluetooth headphones, you can continue your sound journey well into the night.

Designed for the discerning audiophile

ARCAM is particularly proud of the A15's integrated phono stage, which has been carefully tuned to ensure your vinyl records sound as lush and engaging as ever. Add to this the ARCAM Class AB amplifier, renowned for its brilliant musicality and ability to drive speakers with compelling dynamics.

Connection options and processing - specially designed for superiority

The A15 doesn't just sound exceptional - it's practically built for comfort and sustainability. The high-resolution digital audio inputs ensure all your digital music sources are well accommodated. For those who prefer personal listening sessions, the A15 offers both wired and wireless connections for headphones, providing flexibility for quiet listening environments.

Environmentally friendly and aesthetically pleasing

As part of ARCAM's commitment to sustainability, the A15 is delivered in plastic-free packaging, ensuring that all materials can be disposed of naturally, reducing environmental impact. The A15's new Radia design is both functional and playful, and its simple, understated aesthetic will fit seamlessly into any modern living space.

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